• Question: If one of these wasps stung you how much damage would it do and how painful would it be?Or would it just hurt as bad as a normal wasp sting (common wasp)

    Asked by davethebutterfly to Asian Hornet on 4 Dec 2017.
    • Photo: Asian Hornet

      Asian Hornet answered on 4 Dec 2017:

      A hornet sting is usually quite painful, but then it depends on many factors, such as people tolerance, the amount of venom release etc. Based on personal experience it is way more painful than a common wasp sting. The damage that it can cause mainly depends on whether the victim is allergic or not. In case she/he is, sever allergic reactions can occur, possibly leading to death. If not allergic, an hornet sting is not dangerous, while being stung many times might indeed cause severe reactions even if not allergic.