• Question: Do you live in freshwater, saltwater or both?

    Asked by habib1 to Leathery Sea Squirt on 25 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Leathery Sea Squirt

      Leathery Sea Squirt answered on 25 Nov 2017:

      Hi Habib!

      It’s just salt water for me thanks. If the salinity of water is less than 22%, my cells can’t hold the right amount of salt and water they need to live. Keeping this balance right is called osmoregulation and all animals need to do it in one way or another (in humans this is mostly the role of kidneys).

      People have found they can control my spread by spraying the hulls of ships or other outboard equipment with fresh water. This is a shame because I like sticking on to the bottoms of ships and letting them spread me all around the world, but maybe the people who own the ships are annoyed I never buy a ticket…