• Question: Can you kill someone?

    Asked by 16jain to Leathery Sea Squirt on 25 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Leathery Sea Squirt

      Leathery Sea Squirt answered on 25 Nov 2017:

      Hi 16jain,

      No, I’m no threat to you humans. I’ll stay stuck to my underwater rocks, you stay propelling yourselves about on those leg things on the land, and we can get on just fine 🙂

      The reason I’m in the Dangerous Zone is because I’m a threat to lots of marine animals. I’m very tough and I’ve spread to lots of new ecosystems which aren’t prepared for me. I take up space and food which means there isn’t enough for the animals which were already living there. Marine ecosystems can be very delicate, so I could seriously damage the ones I invade.